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Jensen’s pursuit of quality defines us. We bring clients an unwavering dedication to a consistent investment process with exceptional client service. For more than 30 years, the strength of our investment philosophy has been built on a long-term perspective and a commitment to investing in quality businesses. We believe these quality companies possess sustainable competitive advantages, that over time, can provide attractive returns with less risk than the overall market.

Your goals are always at the center of what we do.

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At Jensen, our long-term investment perspective combined with our commitment to high quality companies blends patience and risk mitigation.


A quality approach to investing

We are extremely selective. The Jensen Quality Universe™ includes only those businesses that have produced a return on shareholder equity of 15% or greater in each of the past ten years, as determined by the Investment Team.

It is from this investment universe that our clients can access the part of the market that best fits their needs.

Jensen Quality Universe TM

Our annual selection process pares down all publicly-traded U.S. and International companies, creating a focused universe for further screening.

Jensen Quality Growth Cohort

Our investment team pares down the Jensen Quality Universe to create a focused cohort of fewer than 320 U.S. Equities to perform further screening

  • Geographic location in U.S
  • Market capitalization above $1 Billion
  • ROE greater than 15% for each of the last ten years as determined by the Investment Team

Unwavering discipline And calm decision making

Tax Efficiency

Tax Efficiency

The Jensen Quality Growth Strategy is a long-term focused approach to investing with historically low turnover and a corresponding high degree of tax efficiency.

Low Turnover

Low Turnover

In our Quality Growth Strategy we search for quality companies by targeting exceptional business performance combined with endurance. As a result of this sound discipline, we don’t trade based on daily market noise.

Competitive Fees

Competitive Fees

Whether you invest in the Jensen mutual funds or directly in individual positions, our fee schedule is competitive, easy to understand, and designed such that if our clients do well, so do we.

Client Service

Client Service

We strive to attract and retain talented staff to serve our client base for the long term. We provide a highly tailored client experience based on our clients’ differing servicing needs.

In addition to managing quality, long-term investment portfolios, a key component of our Private Client service is helping our clients create an executable plan for their future.

Rob McIver
Rob McIver
Managing Director - Portfolio Manager